­ Data Protection Declaration

This data protection declaration informs you about how Buis Bürgi AG collects and processes personal data (i.e. data that directly or indirectly identifies individuals) on the website www.bblegal.ch in the case of client relationships and job applications. Responsible for the processing of personal data described in this data protection declaration is Buis Bürgi AG, Mühlebachstrasse 8, P.O. Box, CH-8024 Zurich, mail@bblegal.ch.

1. Website www.bblegal.ch

The website is provided by Buis Bürgi AG.

If you contact Buis Bürgi AG via the website, the information you provide, as well as any information provided by your device (name, e-mail, IP address, etc.) will be stored to process your request, in the interest of being able to respond to incoming requests. You are not required to provide any personal data, but it may not be possible to respond to your request if sufficient information is not disclosed. Please note that any communication by e-mail is neither secure nor confidential.

When visiting the website, the web server automatically collects information about visitors’ devices, in particular the IP address assigned to the visitor’s device. This is a technical requirement and indispensable for the transmission of content. A linking with personal data of the visitor does not take place.

Buis Bürgi AG will not pass on any personal data to third parties without your consent, unless this is required by law, ordered by a court or official order or necessary to enforce legal claims. Web hosting is provided by a contracted provider in Switzerland. The commissioned web designer and the external IT service providers also have access to the data.

Personal data is only stored for as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, for a legal obligation or for a legitimate interest in its retention (e.g. for evidence purposes or for IT security).

2. Client relationships

Buis Bürgi AG or its employees process personal data received within the scope of the client relationship from you or involved third parties or collected themselves.

You or the persons concerned themselves provide Buis Bürgi AG or its employees with certain personal data when you or the persons concerned contact Buis Bürgi AG or its employees, in particular by e-mail or telephone, and request their services. This includes, for example, name and contact details as well as information about the role of the person concerned at the company or organization for which you or the respective contact persons work or on whose behalf you or the contact person contact Buis Bürgi AG or its employees. Buis Bürgi AG or its employees also process personal data that they receive in correspondence with third parties (in particular clients, counterparties, authorities and courts and their employees or other contact persons) within the scope of the client relationship (e.g. name, contact data, date of birth, information on the employment relationship, on income and wealth situation, on family circumstances or state of health). In addition, Buis Bürgi AG or its employees collect certain personal data themselves, e.g. from public registers or websites.

The aforementioned types of personal data are primarily processed by Buis Bürgi AG or its employees in order to provide, document and invoice legal services.

In order to achieve the purposes described in this data protection declaration, it may be necessary for Buis Bürgi AG or its employees to disclose personal data in particular to the following categories of recipients: external service providers, clients, counterparties and their legal representatives, business partners with whom the provision of legal services may need to be coordinated, as well as authorities, courts or arbitral tribunals.

Buis Bürgi AG or its employees may transfer the personal data to recipients (in particular clients, counterparties or authorities, courts and arbitral tribunals) who in turn process the personal data in other countries, including those that do not guarantee a level of data protection comparable to Swiss law. The latter is done based on consent or standard contractual clauses, or if it is necessary for the fulfillment of a contract or the enforcement of legal claims.

Buis Bürgi AG only stores personal data for as long as this is necessary to process the client relationship, for as long as there is a legal obligation to retain and document the data or for as long as there is an overriding private or public interest in doing so. Buis Bürgi AG takes reasonable and appropriate precautions to protect personal data from loss, unauthorized modification or unauthorized access by third parties. If you provide personal data via a third party (e.g. via your employees or other contact persons), it is up to you to inform them in a general way about the processing by legal service providers (such as Buis Bürgi AG) or other external service providers (e.g. in a data protection policy for employees).

Buis Bürgi AG or its employees may make use of external IT service providers in the context of managing the mandate. In addition, certain IT services and means of communication are used which may be associated with data security risks (e.g. e-mail, video conferences). It is your responsibility to inform Buis Bürgi AG or its employees of any request for special security measures.

Buis Bürgi AG or its employees have a legitimate interest in the processing of personal data for the aforementioned purposes. Some processing is also necessary to fulfill contractual obligations to you or legal obligations (e.g. storage duties).

3. Job applications

In the event of a job application, we obtain and process the relevant data for the purpose of
reviewing the application, carrying out the application process and, in the case of successful
applications, for the preparation and conclusion of a corresponding contract. For this purpose, in
addition to the contact data and the information from the corresponding communication, we also
process in particular the data contained in the application documents and the data that we can
additionally obtain about you, for example from job-related social networks, the internet, the media
and from references, provided that you consent to us obtaining references.

4. General

Consent given for the collection or disclosure of personal data may be revoked at any time, but this will not affect any data processing that has already taken place.

Concerned persons have in particular the right to obtain information about the personal data stored about them and the purpose of the data processing, the right to rectification as well as to erasure or restriction of the processing of their personal data, the right to object to the processing, the right to seek redress from a competent supervisory authority and to data transfer / portability. Certain requirements and exceptions apply to these rights. To the extent legally permissible or necessary, Buis Bürgi AG may refuse requests to exercise these rights, with the consequence that personal data may be retained or otherwise further processed despite requests to delete or restrict processing for legal reasons.

No consent to this data protection declaration is required. This data protection declaration merely addresses information about the type, scope and purpose of the use of personal data by Buis Bürgi AG or its employees.

Buis Bürgi AG reserves the right to unilaterally change the content of this data protection declaration at any time and without notice. The current version published on the website www.bblegal.ch shall apply. It is therefore recommended that you consult the Buis Bürgi AG data protection declaration regularly on the website www.bblegal.ch.

Buis Bürgi AG

Version September 1, 2023